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Group Introduction

Shanxi Antai holding group Limited company (hereafter refers to as Group) is founded according to "Law of corporation" and other requirements concerned, it was registered as a limited liability company which owns 100,000,000 Yuan capital in November 1, 2006 Under the Group sets up four subsidiary companies: the Jiexiu Xintai steel Limited company, the Shanxi Antai property development Limited company, Jiexiu Tendda transportation Limited company and the Jiexiu Antai property service Limited company.      The Group business scope involves steel, real estate, transportation and real estate service industry and so on, its main products includes: billet, wire rod, pig iron, H profiles bar and so on. The Group has presently formed circulation economical steel industry chain which yearly produces 2,200,000 tons billets, 800,000 tons wire rods as well as constructing 1,200,000 tons green building materials H profiled bars. The Jiexiu Xintai steel blue c...